Friday, September 28, 2012

25% Off ReGrow, BioFine & SoilBuilder Compost

Pick up some compost today to Topdress your lawn or Mulch your plants for the fall gardening season. Compost is an essential ingredient to winterizing your lawn and garden.

Deschutes Recycling compost is tested by a US Composting approved lab to ensure quality and reliability.

ReGrow Compost is now only $22.00 per yard, a savings of $8 per yard.

BioFine Compost is now only $19.00 per yard, a savings of $7 per yard.

SoilBuilder Compost is now only $15.00 per yard, a savings of $5 per yard.

Mulching for winter:  Around the time your perennials are dying back for winter and the ground is freezing, you should mulch around your plants with a few inches of SoilBuilder.  The dark compost will help insulate the roots and attract sunlight in the spring helping the soil warm a little more quickly, while releasing nutrients for your awakening plants. You will also have moisture-holding mulch in place for the coming heat of summer.  For excellent, ready-to-plant soil, till 2-3 inches of compost into beds you will plant the following spring or summer.

Topdressing the lawnApply a thin layer (¼ to ½ inch) of BioFine or ReGrow compost to your lawn in the fall and again in the spring to help build up a good supply of organic matter and nutrients for the next growing season.  If you haven’t done this yet, you will be amazed at what topdressing does for your lawn!  In addition to helping your grass grow stronger and greener, it reduces thatch, makes turf more drought-resistant and saves water by helping soil hold moisture.  It also helps bare spots fill in, helps lawns fight fungal diseases, reduces your need for fertilizers and keeps fertilizers from washing away.

Open Monday - Saturday
7:00 am - 4:30pm
Self Haul or Delivery 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free Tire Collection Event

Knott Landfill, 61050 SE 27th Street, Bend
Saturday, Setpmber 22, 2102
7:00 a.m. - 4:30 pm

Residents can recycle unwanted tires for free at Deschutes County's Knott Landfill Free Tire Collection event. 

Tires both on and off the rim can be dropped off and recycled at this free event on September 22.

Limit of 12 tires per household.  If you have more than 12 tires, please contact the Deschutes County Solid Waste office at 541-317-3163.

Tires over 24.5" (wheel diameter), farm equipment tires, tires from businesses, fleet tires, or heavy equipment tires will not be accepted at this event.

If you miss out on the free tire collection event, you can bring your unwanted tires to Deschutes Recycling to recycle them for a nominal fee.  For more infofmation, contact Deschutes Recycling at 541-388-1910.