Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stamp Out Hunger !

Join the USPS Letter Carriers Food Drive on Saturday May 14, 2011. Help stamp out hanger in your town by leaving a bag filled with nonperishable food items by your mail box. All food is kept in your town to help your Neighborhood Impact food bank.

Your Security is Our Priority

With tax time here, now is a good time to cleanup outdated records. According to the Federal Trade Commission 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year. The number one way to steal identity is by “Dumpster Diving”. This is done by rummaging through trash, looking for bills or other papers with your personal information on it.

In addition to SecureShred providing on-site document destruction at your home or business you can bring your personal documents to Deschutes Recycling for shredding. Your documents will be put in a SecureShred locking cart and will be shredded with the SecureShred truck.

It’s safe and secure with our locking roll carts!

For more information, please call 541.382.2263

Healthy Soils - Make Healthy Plants

There are many proven benefits to using Soil Builder compost in your garden or BioFine compost in your yard:

* Increased soil fertility, you’ll save money on fertilizers
* Conserves water by increasing water holding capacity of soil
* Stimulates plant and root growth
* Increases soil organic mater and beneficial microbes
* Improves soil structure
* Helps fight thatch and turf diseases, and improves aeration
* Protects plants from climate extremes
* Increases plants resistance to pests and disease
* Provides a fire-resistant ground cover

Deschutes Recycling compost is locally produced with local organic yard trimmings. We use the latest methods to ensure high-quality, affordable compost. US Composting Council – Seal of Testing Assurance.

We can provide convenient delivery or you can self –haul of the compost.
Deschutes Recycling is conveniently located at Knott Landfill -
61050 SE 27th Street in Bend. We are open Monday–Saturday 7:00am-4:30pm,closed Sundays.

Visit www.deschutesrecycling.com for more information regarding products and services that Deschutes Recycling has to offer.

Oregon E-Cycles Program

The Oregon E-cycles program, a network of more than 250 collection sites and recycling facilities statewide that accepts unwanted computers, monitors, and TVs from the public for free, collected and recycled more than 24 mil pounds of materials in 2010. This is a 27% gain over the program’s first year.

“These figures show this program is working and is effective in handling the vast amount of electronic waste that we all generate and need to dispose of properly,” said Kathy Kiwala, E-Cycles Specialist with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Also contributing to the large percentage gain in the program is the ban on disposing of computers, TVs and monitors which went in effect Jan 1, 2010. This helped spur the public to find recycling sites where they could safely and conveniently dispose of these goods. Increased awareness of the ban has led to increased awareness of Oregon E-Cycles Program.

Proper recycling of electronics is important because they contain toxic metals such as cadmium, mercury, and lead. Also, recycling of these electronics leads to significant energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions.

For more information on Oregon E-Cycles Program, visit www.oregonecycles.org.

Deschutes Recycling accepts computers (desktops & laptops), monitors and TV’s and will recycle them for free. Deschutes Recycling is open Monday-Friday 7:00am-4:30pm
(Closed Sundays) www.deschutesrecycling.com